Sir Real Red Apple Man, 1994

Sir Real Red Apple Man, 1994

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Sir Real Red Apple Man, September 1994.
Perhaps Albert's most well-known image, this 2" X 2" (yes, inches) wax oil drawing is the character featured on bottles of Sir Real Brand Organic Apple Cider & Apple Juice. He has also made appearances on jars of All Natural Apple Sauce...

There have been 3 Editions of this image in print so far.............(He's a POPULAR GUY!!).

The first edition was actually Albert's very first poster and was created in 1998.
It is completely sold out.

The second edition was printed in 2003 in a 24" X 24" size and it is an 'endangered series' meaning there are less than 100 left in the edition of 1000. The cost of these is 49.00...until there are 50 left when it will go up 70.00 until there are 25 left when it will go up to 98.00 until they are gone....

The Third Edition is a smaller size, an 11" X 14" print which is going fast!
It is on sale NOW for $ 21.00