E  X  H  I  B  I  T  I  O  N  S
Albert has been exhibiting his work for over 2 Decades in Non-traditional as well as Traditional Venues for ART including:

Galleries, Museums, at special events, and, over the years at a number of Venues of true Popular Culture exposing his artworks to literally millions of people......

Current Exhibitions:
There are a number of venues where Albert's work is only display RIGHT NOW
including a number of Permanent & Semi-Permanent Installations...
You can go see these exhibits & installations NOW!!!

*Michael Albert ART Studio/Workshop & Gallery 417 West 57th Street- Lower Level NYC **OPEN NOW- TUESDAY-SATURDAYS Noon-6pm Plus special events-check Home page calendar.
*Cosi  Coffee Bar Cafes Six locations Simultaneously
   in Westchester County, NY Fairfield County, CT & Northern New Jersey

Six different versions of Albert's Modern Pop Art Show taking place right now at the Cosi locations in : Mt. Kisco (So. Moger), Larchmont,  NY (Boston Post Rd), Stamford Town Mall  & Stamford High Ridge Rd. Stamford, CT,  Livingston, NJ  & Morristown, NJ

Spring 2007-present
*Fairway 74th St. & Broadway NYC 2nd Floor Mural &
NEW Fairway Paramus, NJ  Faces paintings (6 canvases)

Albert spent six months creating this unique in store Mural. He painted his "Faces" theme with black paint on the white wall of hundreds, possibly more than a thousand Fairway shoppers & employees. It is on the 2nd Floor by the ramp which leads into the expanded organic dept. Albert painted many of Fairway s loyal customers onto the Wall of fame as it was called at the time and enjoyed a special interaction where he painted their portrait, told them about the Sir Real juices (which are sold at Fairway) and  offered free posters as a Thank You for sitting or standing for the portrait. Created in Aug 2005-May 2006. This project was conceived of by Paul Weiner.

*D Agostino Supermarket Rye Brook, NY
Special installation of Albert s prints by the bathrooms & hallway of this upscale Grocer s Flagship store. Albert completed 2 special art marketing projects for D Agostino. The Modern Pop Art Show in 1999-2000 featuring 7 of his Pop Cubist portraits of famous supermarket brands, and The D Ag 250 in 2003 which was a logo collage (Study) organized in alphabetical order, of over 250 brands carried by the chain.
*Sylvia s Restaurant on Lenox Ave & 126th  Street in Harlem, NYC
Albert s Gettysburg Address print, signed & inscribed to Sylvia & the Woods family is prominently displayed at this, the most famous Soul Food restaurant in NYC.
*Montefiore Medical Center: The Dermatology Center
3514 Bainbridge Avenue Bronx, NY

Installation of 7 Modern Pop Artworks including a unique Coke/Diet Coke piece.
Set up late in October 2007                                                                                                
*New York Law School Worth Street NY, NY Spring 2010 installation of 7 large scale Sintragraphs 40" X 60" each

**NYU Langone Medical Center Post-Partum Rooms (Flowers series) First Ave & East 28th Street

a n d,  o f   c o u r s e,  
h i s   f a m o u s   
Traveling Modern Pop Art Show  which he has been developing since 2000, where he shows up randomly at places ranging from stores that sell his Sir Real juices (Whole Foods Markets, Fairway Markets, D Agostino Supermarkets, Brattleboro Food Co-op! and others) to outside of NYC Museums such as the Guggenheim, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Museum of Modern Art (but never the MET, it s way too crowded over there!). He can also be found at various festivals including Museum Mile Festival, where he has in the past given out 1,000 posters for FREE to festival goers, Earth Day New York s annual Earth Fair at Grand Central Terminal depending on his schedule & the weather....... At these appearances he offers FREE posters to random passers by and has made many new friends, fans & collectors as a result of this on-going  traveling art show.

Here is a List of Selected Exhibitions from Albert s career
Points of Departure Gallery East 1st Street, East Village, NYC  Late Spring
Here, at a tiny East Village gallery started & run by some of his NYU friends who had graduated the year before, Albert displayed his first large scale drawing entitled "The Victim" from his Senior year at N.Y.U. April 1988. This was the first public display of Albert s work.
                                          The Victim, April 1988  (wax oil on oak tag)

Coffee Cherries East 4th Street NYC   June
Here, Albert displayed 15 of his "early wax oil drawings" many of which were completed during his first few years out of college when he had started a Specialty Food distribution business with 2 of his college mates (from 1988-1991) and then went on his own to found Tri-State Natural Foods, a Natural Specialty foods distribution company, in March of 1991. The drawings contain many images from the labels & other items & things he was using in his everyday life at the time. This exhibition was called "Food Related Art Show" and it coincided with the Fancy Food Show that was taking place at the Javitz Center in NYC at the time. Albert took the opportunity to invite many of his associates from the food business to this exhibition which was after the trade show floor hours....

Oscar s Deli Westport, CT      May-June
Here, the same drawings were displayed in a popular deli on Main Street in Westport, CT.
Organized by Melissa Papageorge, the daughter of the owner, a customer of Albert s company who had taken to setting up art shows & transforming the deli into a coffee house on certain evenings.
Albert received mention of this exhibit in the local Westport Newpaper commenting that they liked the work but felt the multiple-thousands of dollars price tags that were on the art was more than the clientelle, mostly high school students, could likely afford!!

Positively 104th Street   NYC      January
Again, the same drawings were displayed in a popular Upper West side cafe/restaurant owned & operated by Robert Sternbach & his wife Margaret, long time supporters of Albert s food business endeavors & art.....

1997     July-August
Loaves & Fishes Catering Retail Shop Sagaponack, Long Island, New York
Working with Sybille Pump. Albert staged a summer long exhibition featuring his new Pop Cubist Collages. A special display was built to accomodate 7 frames & the selection of artworks changed 7 times over the course of the summer with themes such as Cereal box collages, collages of famous Household brands, Flags made from Red White & Blue packages (over the 4th of July week-end holiday), photo collage portraits of famous artists, Albert s obscure but intriguing Sticker Collages, and a tribute to Willem DeKooning who was a local hamptons resident & who had just died that Spring. This show resulted in what became Albert s first WORKSHOP, which took place at the Make Something From Nothing family art festival in September of that year at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton.

Rocky Aoki Foundation House           Fall 1997
Albert became friends with and then took part in several group shows as part of fund raising activities at the founder of Benihana Restaurants, Rocky Aoki, in his East 63rd Street  NYC townhouse. Selections of his new Pop Cubist collages were displayed at these several art shows and Sir Real juices were served.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts-- November 1997- May 1998   at 3 locations simultaneously
This was Albert s first public display of his new collage works in New York City. Working with the Lev family, Albert set up 3 exhibits of the same theme at 3 of their locations simultaneously, Chelseas on West 23rd Street, At NYU on East 8th Street, and on West 72nd Street.
An article in ArtNews may 1998 resulted and thousands of  New Yorkers had their first exposure to Albert s Cubist Cerealism works.

Elaine Benson Gallery   Bridgehampton, NY    May 1998
This was gallery owner & founder Elaine Benson s final Emerging Artist Show. She died in the fall of that year.  For this show, Albert created a series of collages in honor of the recent death of Hamptons resident Willem DeKooning.

1998 & 1999
Gershwin Hotel 7 East 27th Street NY
C       Sept 1998  & Oct 1999
In September 1998, hotel owners Urs Jakob and Suzanne Tremblay invited Albert to be part of a group of NY Contemporary artists who were to set up art installations on all 13 Floors of this eclectic hotel/hostel in midtown Manhattan. This Hotel of Art opened in Sept 1998 and then Albert held his opening in the hotel gallery, which was called the "Art Garage" for the
"D Agostino Modern Pop Art Show" in December of 1999.
This was the invitation card

Pamela Morgan s Flavors Catering Retail Shop West 18th Street NYC  Winter 1998
This collage (below) of Pamela Morgan s Cook Book cover was the centerpiece of an in-store installation set up with store manager Bruce Simon and was where Albert s publisher, Christy Ottaviano from Henry Holt & Co. first encountered his work. For this show, Albert created collages from the packages of various products that were used in the Flavors kitchen at the time.

D Agostino Modern Pop Art Show   November 1999-February 2000
A chain wide artshow featuring 7 original Pop Cubist collage portraits of famous supermarket brands including: Cheerios, Diet Coke, Ritz Crackers, Cracker Jack, NesQuik, Tide Detergent and the Millennium D Ag Bag celebrating the turn of the millennium which coincided with the show. posters & post cards of these artworks were printed & distributed to D Agostino customers as a special Thank You for shopping at D Ags and these have since become serious collector s items. There are some of these still available for sale at THE STORE.....

Empire State Building Fleet Bank January-February 2001
One man Show featuring 49 original works of art in the Fleet bank on the Main floor & first level down in the most famous building in the world, the busiest tourist attraction in  NYC, a place of true popular culture!
   Empire State Building photo collage, Nov. 2000

Elaine Benson Gallery Bridgehampton, NY      August 2001
Group show titled "Banners & Flags".  Albert showed a series of his original flag collages including his newly printed silkscreen. Gallery owned by Elaine s daughter Kimberly Goff.
                                             Flag, 1999
                    This image was used for Albert s invitation card for this show in August 2001
Dylan s Candy Bar- New York   Third Ave & 60th Street NYC Oct. 2002-February 2003
One Man Show, the Sweet Suite featuring the C Andy Warhol series of candy collages & a selection of 21 new Giclee prints on canvas of famous candy collages & cerealism collages. Curated by Dylan Lauren. This logo collage in alphabetical order was the centerpiece of the show.
                                        Etude (Candy logos A to Z), 2002   32" X 40"
Java & Jazz Broadway between 17th & 18th Streets NYC
One man Show in this popular Coffee spot by Union Square owned by the Levi family. This show was seen by thousands of people & this coffee bar is no longer in business. Worked with their daughter Rebecca Levi who was setting up their art shows..

Mixed Up Mosaics West 17th Street NYC  August
Collaborative mosaic pieces on wood and Art Exhibition featuring a group of contemporary artists conceived of & organized by Gary & Allison Goldenstein & Lesley Provenzano of Mixed Up Mosaics, NYC. Other artists included De La Vega, James Rizzi, Charles Fazzino and Marco.
Grand Central Terminal s 90th Anniversary NYC
Albert was commissioned to create the artwork for GCT s 90th Anniversary festivities in the fall of 2003. These included a poster signing event and distribution of materials featuring the photo collage Albert created for the occasion. Prints are still available at THE STORE of this limitedition & rare print.

Children s Museum of the Arts CMA Lafayette Street NYC
One Man Show & Workshops Spring 2004 featuring 49 works of art. Good media coverage & turn out for opening & workshops. Worked with Elyssa Ackerman who was acting Director at the time. Albert is pictured here (left) at the opening with Barbara Tiffany, Artist/Designer, longtime family friend & great supporter of Albert s endeavors over the years and with his 2 brothers David & Douglas (right) with artist James Rizzi in the background

ArtisZen Arts Gallery New Hope, PA October 2004-May 2007
Featured as one of the key artists at this gallery started by Brian & Sherry Hanck to "help living artists make a living making art".

Galerie on Third   3rd Avenue between 35th & 36th Streets NYC   June 2005
Two Man Show featuring the art of Michael Albert & NY Street artist James DeLavega.

Baum School of Art  Allentown, PA             February
One Man Show & workshops at this Art School in Allentown. Local press & well attended opening & workshops.

DT/UT     Second Avenue between 85th & 84th Streets NYC
This was Albert's second show with owner Robert Sternbach, who was the owner of Positively 104th Street where he had a show in 1995......This was the final show at this popular Coffee bar lounge that had been in business for 14 years!

Boston Children s Museum   Boston, MA            August 13-Sept 30
Exhibition of 14 original artworks & an all day Artist visit/workshops (August 22nd) at the Art Studio in the Recycling center of this newly renovated space, perhaps the most prestigious Children s Museum in the USA....Worked with Bridget Matros & Ellen Berrahmoun.
Sitting by the display of Cereal Boxes at BCM Albert holding the original collage that was created for BCM  w/ Arts educators Ellen Berrahmoun & Bridget Matros

August 22, 2007 Artist visit & collage workshop
program at The Boston Children s Museum, Boston, MA

Cosi Coffee Bar/Restaurants  Nine Locations                      Spring 2007-present
Ten different versions of the Modern Pop Art Show at this popular Coffee Bar Restaurant famous for it's house baked bread & S'mores tray.

STILL ON EXHIBIT NOW: Larchmont, NY;  New Rochelle, NY; 
Mt. Kisco, NY;  Livingston, NJ; Morristown, NJ, Stamford High Ridge Rd, CT 
and Stamford Town Center Mall, CT

White Plains Public Library The Trove- White Plains, NY      April-May 2008
Glass case exhibition of original collages & first showing of "An Artist's America" 14 works of art including the 2007 Original Epic 20" X 30" work,  "The Preamble". (worked with Rosemary Rasmussen)

The Strong Museum of Play Rochester, NY                             July 2008
Print show in conjunction with 3 day collage workshop program July 8,9, & 10
Summer programming. (worked with Sara Boetrich)

Palmer Art Gallery  Larchmont, NY                          October-December 2008
One man exhibition with opening reception October 17 (Carlos Rodriguez: Gallery owner)

Rye Free Reading Room Rye, NY                           December -February 2009
Modern Pop Art Exhibition 
in the downstairs space by the elevators & rear entrance of the library.  21 works of art that accompanied the Artist/author 2 visits with Collage workshops on  Dec 22 and Feb 17 (for teens)

Gershwin Hotel lobby 7 East 27th Street                                                       April 2009
2 man show with Juan Carlos Pinto (Collages made from Metro cards) with opening reception April 15   21 works of art.

High Line Gallery 511 West 20th Street Chelsea, NYC                   August 2009  Print Show 21 works of art August 2009

Autumn Exhibition Fourteen master Collage Works 40" X 60" Sintragraphs displayed in back gallery                                                                              Sept-Nov 2010

Boston Children's Museum 300 Congress Street Boston, MA                Sept-Nov 2009       "I See Trees" group exhibition 5 original collages * Opening reception Sept. 9 and Collage workshop program Sept 20 (worked with Gail Ringel (Exhibits), Chris Deangelis (Recycle Shop), & Bridget Matros(Education/Workshop))

Scarsdale Public Library Scarsdale, NY                                            Oct-Nov 2009        One man Exhibition in conjunction with "An Atist's America" Artict/Author visit Nov. 7

Westport River Gallery One Riverside Drive Westport, CT Pop Art exhibition June-July 2010

Riverdale Public Library Riverdale, New Jersey Modern Pop Art Exhibition 14 works of art   June 18-July 30, 2010

Chatham Public Library Chatham, New Jersey July 1-August 30, 2010 Exhibition 35 works of art plus programs July 26 & August 30

Port Washington Public Library, Port Washington, NY 17 works of art  July 1-August 31, 2010  program July 29

Southington Public Library Southington, CT 28 works of art June 30- July 30, 2010 including display of the CT Map Sintragraph 44" X 48" program July 14

Woodbridge Public Library Woodbridge, CT Modern Pop Art exhibit  August 1-31, 2010 program August 4

Huntington Public Library Huntington Station branch New York Ave Huntington Station, NY  Modern Pop Art Show14 works of art program September 30

Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library Hewlett, NY Gallery show November-December 28, 2010 program November 30

Fairfield Public Library Fairfield, CT  Gallery Show November 7, 2010-January 3, 2011 program Dec. 28

East Meadow Public Library Community Room  Modern Pop Art Show 28 framed works from Dec 5-30, 2010 program Dec. 30

Long Beach Public Library Long Beach, NY April 2-29, 2011 Exhibition arranged by Long Beach Art league for a talk & workshop on April 6

Brooklyn Public Library 10 Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn, NY "An Artist's America" Retrospective in 27 glass cases in the Youth Wing   June 26-Sept. 18, 2011-reception June 28

St. Louis County Public Library St. Louis, MO Exhibition of Prints & Reception at the Florrisant Valley branch    Sept 19, 2011

Community College of Rhode Island, Lincoln campus  (Thomas Morrissey) Pop Art Exhibition with program October 8-28, 2011

White Plains Public Library White Plains, NY  Retrospective and presentation of the White Plains Map collage (2011) December 8, 2011-January 31, 2012

Easton Public Library Easton, CT  Modern Pop Art Exhibition January 5-February 14 2012

The concept of having multiple versions of the "Modern Pop Art Show" running simultaneously is something Albert has been developing over the years...his installations at 3 NYC locations of Krispy Kreme  Doughnut shops in 1997-1998 was the first of  it's kind.
Another example of this unique installation concept was Albert's One-Man Modern Pop Art show at 25 locations of D'Agostino Supermarkets in Nov. 1999-February 2000.

Albert on the streets of NYC signing prints at his Traveling Modern Pop Art Show   August 2008


January       Opened the Michael Albert ART Studio/Workshop & Gallery housed in the studio space of Different Directions at 417 West 57th Street- Lower Level NYC

June  Kitchen Kabaret Fine Foods East Hills, NY installation in eating area (Jimmy King Sr. & Jr.)

September  Penn State Lehigh Valley Campus Pennsylvania (Ann Lalik) Group Show August 26-October 11