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C E R E A L I S M                    
is the name Albert has
given that body of work
comprised of collages
made from cereal boxes
which have become one
of his Trademarks.                                        >>>> BACK>>> HOME              

The Birth of Cerealism
Albert s first official Cerealism collage was created on March 30, 1996 due to his reluctance to throw away a Frosted Flakes box. that he had been given by his cousins, The Liebermans who were living in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey at the time. After bringing the box back to his office in Totowa, New Jersey, he left it on the floor for over a month simply unable to just crush it & throw it into the landfill. Then, in a mad, magical moment on March 30, 1996, he took  the box, cut the cover off of it, took  the cardboard back of a writing pad, cut the box into pieces and then took those pieces & with his clear paper glue created his first Cerealist work. It was tacked up on the wall & no more of these type works were done for about a month when he began creating what he would later call Pop Cubist portraits of as many famous brands as he could. He literally became obsessed. He was particularly intrigued by Cereal and the lure of the cereal aisle and set out to create at least one version of every cereal box he could get his scissors on and also began creating these cubist portraits of other iconic products some of his favorites being Ritz Crackers, Lipton Tea, Coca Cola & Diet Coke, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, Stove Top Stuffing, and so many others.

In any case, this was the first in the series, which eventually led to an enormous body of work created from these materials specifically.  He entitled that work, "Portrait of an American Classic" and so began the most highly developed phase of his art.

He likens this to Picasso s Blue Period and estimates the collection of Cerealism works at close to 600.

There are several Cerealist works available for sale including a beautiful quality print of the Frosted Flakes #1 image below at THE well as a selection of Originals in THE GALLERY

Here are a few......

1996   Portrait of An American Classic   
         2003   Apple Jacks
           1998  Cap n Crunch Berries   
     1998    Cap n Crunch (Original)
    2002 Golden Crisps (Post Cerealism)