The Last Breakfast, 2001

The Last Breakfast, 2001

The print is a different version of the "Last Breakfast" idea. This is one of the early studies for this series.

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The Last Breakfast, 2001

This limitedition print is one of Albert's first "Epic Works". After he started calling his Cereal Box related art, 'Cerealism', he had the idea to recreate the famous Biblical scene, The Last Supper. In his version, which he calls, 'The Last Breakfast',  the Sir Real Lime Man is the 'central or Christ figure' surrounded by the 12 apostles featuring 12 of Albert's favorite Cereal Box icons! There are also 21 messages hidden in the background which was Albert's idea of what Jesus might have imparted to his disciples on this occasion. These Golden Rule type messages include such good ideas as "Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last", "Do the Right Thing", "Love Thy neighbor", "Help Others" and "Dream".

Albert hopes this artwork will somehow "positively affect humanity" or at least inspire some positive, constructive thinking!

Due to its rarity*, this print is available signed & dated for $ 147.00
PLUS S/H $ 7.00  to anywhere in the Continental USA.

*Being one of Albert's most popular works, there are less than 50 left from an original edition of 1000! Therefore it is one of his more expensive prints.