The D'Ag 250 logo collage, 2002

The D'Ag 250 logo collage, 2002

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The D'Ag 250

This limitedition print was created for the Art historic promotion at all 25 D'Agostino Supermarkets locations which took place in February 2003. This 32" X 40" collage is made up of over 250 (can you guess how many?) product logos from famous brands carried by New York's Grocer since 1932. It took the artist 4 months to complete this collage construction who was at the time working as a Private label consultant for the chain. All brands represented were contacted and asked to participate, had to send a piece of packaging, their 250.00 participation fee (hence the title, The D'Ag 250), and a form agreeing to participate in this unique supermarket promotion.

During a two-week period Albert visited many of the chain's locations around the NYC area handing out signed copies of this print & a postcard that was created of this image as well.

There are only a few of these left in Mr. Albert's private stash of which at the time of the event he received 300 prints as part of "the deal".

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